Saturday, May 4, 2013

Rivalry between Facebook and Google is mutually beneficial

Rivalry between Facebook and Google is mutually beneficial
Google and Facebook now looks increasingly tough competition is not an overstatement. In this case the founder and CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg linking products with Google's platform.

With the release of a new application by Facebook for smartphones that use the Android mobile operating system from Google. Known as the "launcher" application that is designed to take over the leading screen (Home) Android smartphones, such as HTC and Samsung. The application will place most forefront Facebook page, and move to the next screen of other applications from Google such as YouTube and Google Maps.

Both Facebook and Google scrape much revenue through advertising sales. By then, both fighting for user interaction and figure out how their site could be a gateway to the world of internet users. We do this by creating a search engine and Google Chrome browsers are popular with her, and attractive to the advertisers pay each time a user successfully redirected to Google's advertisers content.

In contrast to Facebook that led users to create content and share content such as photos, status and links, in a closed environment. Facebook wearing payment for advertisers who intend to promote in the environments with billions of users. Facebook users spend countless hours at the site, primarily through a smartphone screen.

Google did not want to lose in the competition by developing its own social network Google+. However, it is not as successful as what Facebook did, there are a few users who spend time in to Google+.

Both between Google and Facebook is still the ruler of the virtual world, the reason is when users access the Internet for the first time, they take advantage of cheap smartphones that use the Android operating system, and display Facebook as flagship content therein.

Facebook succeeded in utilizing Google traffic strategies to make Facebook applications to content in the core Android smartphone. A lot of traffic that goes to Google for Android. With a market share of 68% based smartphone shipments in 2012, according to Strategy Analytics estimates. Apple's iOS operating system, which ranked second, has a 20% market share. Its popularity is not without reason. Android is a free Open Source platform used by smartphone manufacturers. It encourages manufacturers to adopt these systems smartphones.

In conclusion, although both are seen fighting a war in terms of Internet users, but there was a side of where the mutual competition between them.


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