Saturday, May 4, 2013

Beware the Pitfalls Rubbish Investment!

Beware the Pitfalls Rubbish Investment!
INVEST is the best way so that we can maximize the money we have to continue to grow so that eventually we can get a better welfare. Investing is an effort to increase the amount of money we have, so we do not lose purchasing power by inflation.

Of various types of investment instruments available, there is requires us to participate actively manage it, but there are enough investors who put in the position as a supplier of capital alone, and there will be people who manage this money to continue to grow.

But then when we select investments that actually hurt us because the managers kept their promise, must be very uncomfortable. Our money disappeared not because the system is running, but because the manager only promises paradise without any facts.

Investment management that seeks to collect as much money from investors with the promise of lucrative returns, but when the funds have a lot in but the promise was not fulfilled even a vague managers flee, often referred to as investment bulging.

Already quite often we hear of cases of fraud under the guise of this kind of investment, but still, this practice continues to mushroom, and still more people who are trapped in it so losers. Manifold there is a social gathering chain, cooperative, to which we have just heard is the most precious metal products. Victims are not merely those little people who lack an understanding of the investment, even professionals and officials have contributed to the victim.

So that we can avoid not get stuck in the bulging investment, then we have to identify some characteristics of the rubbish investment.

- Learn and understand investment products offered to you, do not be shy and feel free to ask in advance to a better understanding. Do not just trust capital alone so that you can easily turn your money, instead of investing bulge the only real investment products that could potentially lose money if we do not understand the products we buy.

- Investments will typically bulging promising high returns, even higher than similar products that may be pre-existing. To be careful so as not to be easily tempted high returns.

- Promising results were certainly and without risks. Whose name is definitely an investment there are risks, and cannot guarantee how much yield will be obtained. The higher yields that can be given, surely the risk is also become higher. So if there are no risk investment that promises high returns coupled, just leave it.

- The lack of transparency of operations and cash flow. Good company engaged in the business of investment and fund investors rotate to continue to grow, must have sheet prospectus for investors. This prospectus describes what and how their business is run, what are the estimated yield is given, where the yield was obtained, and so forth. When a company offers you to invest cannot show it, think again deh before investing there.

- Licensed operations of government. The Indonesian government has Watchful Investment Task Force. But because his role is not too optimal, then before investing a good idea to ask the operating license granted by the government to them, because the company could have escaped the oversight task force. If the company is trading in a product or commodity, certainly not only SIUP business license, but no additional license again as of Bapepti.

With the development of science and technology, the product name was a real good investment as well as Abal Abal will certainly continue to emerge. For that we as prospective investors should continue to be vigilant while continuing to improve the knowledge and understanding we will invest, and do not let this incident discourage investment bulging us to continue to invest, because there are many other safe investment instruments.

Happy investing!


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