Thursday, July 3, 2014

How to Glue Long Pips OX (No Sponge) to Your Ping-Pong Paddle

Step by step instructions to Glue Your Long Pips OX Rubbers to Your Table Tennis Blade - Step By Step - Roller Method

Sticking long pips with no wipe is diverse to sticking wipe rubbers. There are two principle focuses to remember here: (1) get a great scope of paste on the cutting edge, in light of the fact that you aren't going to put any paste on the rubber; and (2) by no means permit the rubber to twist up on itself once it has some paste on it, or else you may not have the capacity to unstuck it without tearing the rubber. In the event that you can attain those two objectives, you'll be all right.

On the off chance that you have old rubbers on the sharpened steel that must be evacuated, peel the old rubbers off the bat slantingly. Never attempt to expel a rubber vertically (from handle to tip) subsequent to its conceivable you may take chips off the razor sharp edge, contingent upon whether the sharpened steel is fixed.

On the off chance that the sharpened steel isn't fixed, I would prescribe fixing your razor sharp edge first before sticking your new rubbers on.

Wipe the edge a few times with your hand or a delicate fabric, keeping in mind the end goal to evacuate any bits of paste left on the sharpened steel - you'll feel the buildup effectively. A bit of delicate rubbing will dispose of any remaining paste.

Open the container of paste (any non-speed paste from a reputable table tennis maker will be fine), and a collapsed little bit of paper (or paintbrush on the off chance that you lean toward), and put some paste on the sharpened steel, giving the entire razor sharp edge a slender blanket of paste. You may need to edge the sharpened steel a bit against the light to check whether you have missed any spots.

When you have wrapped up the cutting edge, wrap the long pips rubber over a roller -, for example, a moving pin, with the pips confronting inwards, and the logo confronting towards you (so it is as an afterthought of the roller furthers far from you).

Beginning once again the handle, gradually move the roller towards the region where the handle stops and the level a piece of the edge starts. Delicately permit the logo a piece of the rubber to rest on the edge, and position it to your fulfillment before pressing it down tenderly with your fingers.

That is it! Your new rubber is prepared to go. On the off chance that you are wanting to play in an ITTF authorized occasion, give the rubber several days airing to permit any illicit VOC's in the paste to vanish. Else you hazard disentitlement.

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