Thursday, October 17, 2013

Who to choose?

This is another major thing that you need to think about. "Why should someone choose your company when compared against others?"

I am talking about this because many people will rush in and just hope that once their online business presence has been made; that people will just "Rush" in and start buying.

Once again, a misconception on behalf of the person who is wishing to setup their own online business. The business needs to be carefully planned and well advertised before any good sales start coming in on there own accord.

"The factor of Trust"
Many, (if not all) ; online businesses require an amount of trust. Not only from the "possible buyers/Clients", but also from the suppliers.

Even in this modern day and age, (2008); businesses and people work on the factor of trust.
The buyer may order something and then not pay up, or cancel it at the last minute when some of the work is done, thus "Wasting the sellers time ."
On the other side, the buyer may pay for their product and then not receive it.
This is why people need to rely on his factor of trust.

When you are running an online business/store then you need to convince people that what you are offering is good and that you are respectable and reliable.
There are many methods to do this, such as; Free samples,reviews,testimonials,etc.
These are some of the best ways but there are many more.


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